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Savings Reserve
Savings Reserve

Introducing the Maza Savings Reserve!

How to register using the Selfie option?In this article we will give you some tips on how to open your Maza account, using the Selfie option.
Configuring Biometric System with FingerprintThis article will help you set up Fingerprint login to your phone's applications and your Maza App
Address Verification DocumentsIn this article you will find which documents are validated to verify your address and open your account.
Contacting Maza Customer SupportHow to get in touch with Maza
Transfer money to the Maza account through PlaidThis article will explain how you can transfer money from another account to your Maza account.
What Happens If I Cancel My Reservation Subscription?In this article, you'll learn about the changes and situations that occur when you cancel your reservation subscription.