Set/Update Maza Card PIN

This article will explain how you can set your PIN for the first time or update it from the app.

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The security of your information and your account is the most important thing for us, that is why from the app you can set your PIN for the first time in both cards, below, we will show you the step by step that you must follow:

  • Login to the app

  • Click on Cards

  • Click on the card to which you want to change the PIN.

  • There you will find an option that says “Set PIN”.

  • You will receive a verification code in your inbox.

  • Enter the verification code into the app

Finally, you will be able to set your PIN, remember that with these same steps you can change your PIN, you only need to enter the previous PIN to be updated successfully. If you do not remember it, you can request a PIN change directly with one of our agents.

Also, here is some useful information about your PIN that you should keep in mind:

  • Try not to enter your “old” PIN as the “new” PIN when trying to change it.

  • If you think your PIN has been compromised in any way, you can easily change it within the application.

  • You must remember your old PIN, so you don't enter the wrong PIN.

  • Update your App to our latest version

  • Don't try more than three times!

To update your PIN by phone, you must call the Maza-Visa customer service line: 888-333-5716, there you can set and change your PIN.

  • Remember to select the appropriate option indicated by the operator.

  • Do not exceed the limit of attempts

If you have any further questions, please contact us, and we will be happy to provide you with a timely solution.

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