Linking Cash App with Your Maza Card

Here we will show you step by step how to link your card to the Cash App Platform.

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In order to link your Maza card to the Cash App platform, you must follow the step by step instructions shown in the images below:

Step 1

Download the Cash App application

Step 2:

Open the application and input your phone number, then click “Next”.

Step 3:

Provide the verification code sent to your phone and click “Next”.

Step 4:

Enter your Maza card details and click “Next”.

Step 5:

Input your name and select “Next”.

Step 6:

Include your Cash App tag and press “Next”.

Step 7:

If you prefer, you can choose to click “Skip”.

Step 8:

That's all! Now you can begin sending and receiving money using Cash App.

Remember that this is just one of the many possibilities that Maza has to move funds from your account, if you have more questions about it, don't hesitate to contact us!

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