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How can I reactivate my card if it was blocked?
How can I reactivate my card if it was blocked?

This article will explain how you can reactivate your card after a blockage due to suspected fraud.

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At Maza we want the best for you and your financial security, which is why sometimes Visa will prevent you from making certain purchases until we verify that you, as the account holder, were making them.

Visa will send you a text message, email, or a call where they will ask you some questions to verify some transactions and your identity.

If you are successful, the card will change back to “Active” status in about 24 to 48 hours. If, on the other hand, you are unsuccessful in verifying transactions and your identity, your card goes into “Suspected Fraud” status and will be blocked.

In this last case you must reorder a new card, remember that you can do it from the app, here we leave you the step by step:

Important Note: Here is the Visa number, so you can unlock your card: +1 833-233-3282 .

In case you have blocked your card by mistake, you can follow these steps to unblock it

We are always available for any additional questions or doubts you may have!

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