Access Maza Monthly Statements

This article will explain how you can view your statements from our Maza App.

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Optimize your financial control with ease! Monthly statements are essential tools for managing your finances and spending patterns. We offer you the convenience of downloading your monthly statements directly from our application. They will be available at the end of each month.

Follow these simple steps to access your monthly statements through the Maza App:

  1. 📱 Open the Maza App: Log in to your account using the Maza mobile application.

  2. 💰 Explore “Your Balance”: On the home screen of the app, find and select the option that says “Your Balance”.

  3. 📅 Choose a Month: Choose the specific month you wish to review your monthly statement. When you open it, you will find the option to download it as a PDF and save it to your mobile device.

  4. 📊 Access your Financial Details: Done! You will now have full access to your detailed monthly statements for the selected month.

Take advantage of this tool to maintain effective financial control and make informed decisions. Your financial peace of mind is in your hands with the Maza App.

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